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Honda takes charge of its brand claiming agencies get away with murder

Honda is set to take more control of its brand to cut costs and widen appeal. This will be centred around their relaunched content hub, aptly named the ‘Engine Room’. In doing so they are ending working with the big agencies, outwith Dentsu for media.

Instead they will partner with specialist freelancers and smaller companies such as the like of Lily Marketing to deliver solutions with greater speed , agility and cost effectiveness. As Nick Bennett, Honda UK’s digital content and social media manager says, “You buy specialists for when you need them and then that way you maintain more control and don’t have to pay the large overheads.”

This is the very reason Lily Marketing was established to offer an alternative to having experienced heads working on a client business without unnecessarily incurring big agency overheads and flabby bureaucracy that too often hinders rather than supports the delivery process. It's our belief – and evidently now that of Honda too – that a fast, flexible on-demand service can provide greater value with more focused results.

As a point in case, Honda says it can now make changes on the site that once took up to a month – slowed down by the time it took for agencies to sign briefs off – within the hour. One person is now responsible for a job that would have traditionally taken five.

Time will tell whether they strike the right balance and blend of in-house talent working alongside handpicked expert partners. Nevertheless, to paraphrase their ‘Power of Dreams’ tagline Honda are now fully intent on turning those dreams into reality.

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