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The marketing is the service is the product

The renowned strategist, writer and all-round polymath Russell Davies often talked about ‘the product is the service is the marketing’ when Director of Strategy for the Government Digital Service (GDS). Or to put this another way - build things that are so good people will want to use them, wrap great service around this and then you really don’t need to do much talking about them.

Flipping this notion on its head is the current product focused advertising campaign from Waitrose. All supermarkets have at some point produced menu recipe cards to help and inspire their customers, while hopefully driving incremental spend.

Waitrose have rather delightfully taken this a step further. By advertising a tantalising but simple menu of the week which shoppers can easily pick up the ingredients for instore from their ‘beautifully simple chiller’. So, no need to hunt around the shop for all the ingredients which are on display in the same area with POS promotional support.

The marketing is the service is the product.

Simple to Shop. Simple to Cook.

Enticing not only to regular main shop customers but also occasional / top-up shoppers. And it worked with me. While it wasn’t part of my intended shop over the weekend, I bought the ad, made the meal (delicious) and added a few more additional items into my basket (the draw of being instore). And I’m now already looking forward to what this week’s tasty tantaliser is.

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