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There's three kind of problems...

The headline photo is a snapshot I took from Twitter. However I lost the link to who posted it, so thanks anon.

As a marketing strategist A.K.A. problem solver this Edward de Bono take on the three kinds of problems to solve grabbed my attention.

Particularly the third kind: 'the problem of no problem' which creates myopia around business development and transformation.

This got me thinking about the CIA's 'Problem Definition Checklist' (yes it does exist - no doubt part of a 101 spy manual). Among their posed questions to help define the problem and 'encourage agents to look at a challenge from many different angles' is this one:

What isn’t the problem?

Back to business...

When conducting a systematic review of business strategy and performance, it can be dangerous to think that only problems need consideration.

After all, just because something might not be broken doesn't mean it can't be improved upon.

So applying focus to this inverted question - what isn't the problem? - could help business stakeholders remove their blinkers...

...and identify those 'hidden' weak-links holding back performance.

Counter intuitive perhaps. But if it works for the world of counter surveillance, then why not for the world of business?

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